The BIGGEST problem with my DP2M....

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Completely false, sorry

Kendall Helmstetter Gelner wrote:

Yellow Mountain wrote:

It's great until a person enters the picture in shade. Skin tones look horrific & ghostly. Here are some example screen captures from photos by rattymouse in Suzhou:

That's why I shoot +0.7 exp, because that issue goes away.

Part of the issue goes away you mean. You just lost highlight range in doing that. The DR of the DPMerrils is less than the Nikon D800's line sensor.

But also it's a fantasy that other cameras do not have shadow issues, as witnessed by the horrible shadow color noise in a Canon 5D Mk III and the grainy shadow of a D800 in this post:

It's completely false all cameras do. Cameras around the Sony K-5/D7000 sensor certainly don't - they have vast shadow range. Far more than the current Foveon.

In fact, the very link you are linking to, shows how the Nikon is doing quite quite well.

At least the DP-2M maintains detail, which has always been the greatest strength...

No, not in the shadows like that. You start losing due to noise. And you are forced to shoot at the lowest of ISO's to make the best of the shadow DR.

in any image with people in shadow you simply are not going to be looking at them very closely unless they are a point of focus.

The problem is that on the Merryl at ISO 200 the shadows lose color to cover for the color splotchy noise.  This doesn't make the Sigma useless or the like. What it makes it, it's a camera with tradeoffs. Now, that I will agree it's like every other camera.

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