Could the OM-D be upgraded to focus peaking via firmware?

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Re: Could the OM-D be upgraded to focus peaking via firmware?

don_van_vliet wrote:

Just revisiting this often wondered question. Apparently the new PEN has focus peaking, and uses the same processor, I think (Truepic VI), so presumably it wouldn't be a processing power issue. It would instead be an issue of effort/programming/marketing. Thoughts? It would be good if the OM-D was upgraded to use the smaller focus points of the current PENS too, but I suppose Oly don't want to remove all the reasons to upgrade your OM-D...

According to a rumour site, a hacker claims FP is already built into the OM-D firmware, along with enhanced video performance options, but both have been disabled by hiding the menu options to engage them.

It's an unsubstantiated rumour, of an unsubstantiated hacker claim, so easy to dismiss. Yet still I feel inclined to believe it.

It's not uncommon for software to have features built in during development but which for some reason (usually bugs or poor performance) is made inaccessible to the user until such time the bugs/performance issues are worked out.

I doubt Olympus will see the E-P5 as targeted at OM-D users. OM-D will remain a flagship, and the E-P5 will sit along side it as a replacement for the E-P3.

In 'traditional' Olympus style, the E-P3 will not get any new features via firmware, but I wouldn't rule out OM-D gaining access to features it may have been intended to have via a firmware update.


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