More questiona about the a77 and a99

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Re: THANKS EVERYONE: More questiona about the a77 and a99

cplunk wrote:

Just to be clear, there's nothing wrong with using autofocus.  Even most professionals probably wouldn't want to be without it most of the time.

It's the Auto mode on the camera that picks the exposure settings for you (Aperture, Shutter speed and ISO) that's generally recommended you learn how to get out of using.

Especially once you upgrade to fast zooms, where the auto mode will pretty commonly decide to boost ISO or slow shutter speed rather than taking advantage of the larger aperture.

And reading the book you mentioned I discovered how to use DMF with focus leaking on the A77. Instead of using AF-S on static subjects, this allows you to use autofocus to quickly focus on something, and drops to manual focus for further adjustment if desired, while enabling peaking to help you see the area in focus.

Thanks cplunk!

I meant auto....oops. Thanks also for the great tip.

And I ended up sending back my a77 today and will be getting the a99.  I really need the low light features and will just have to bite the bullet when it comes to having to mount a flash on there. 

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