Do I really need prime portrait lens?

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Re: Do I really need prime portrait lens?

I think in your situation I would either:

a) upgrade to the 70-200 VR f2.8.

b) Enjoy the lightness of the f4, which will have pretty good bokeh at the long end, and buy a used 85mm 1.4D  or a new 1.8G. .....When you can afford it go for the 200mm macro, this allows you to be further away from the subject and stop you blocking out light, and scaring off small creatures.

The 85 1.4d seems to come with a free impressionist painter that creates the most amazing backgrounds and bokeh, that will surprise and delight you.

Don't be talked into some brand that cost $300. The raw glass in the Nikon cost more than that before it was ground polished and coated. The Sigma 85 1.4 looks good on paper but it is an optical design closer to the canon 1.2L Mk2  which costs over $2000 done properly and is good, but the Sigma looks horrible on the samples I have seen. (too harsh).

I think one of the Nikon 85 1.4's will teach you allot about depth of field, and amazing blur and bokeh, and allow great portraits and just about anything else.

Here is a hand held snap shot of some flowers in windy conditions taken hand-held in failing light.

The 85's are so much fun! and will open a new world of photography to enjoy.


Nikon 85mm 1.4D @ f2.8

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