D7100 Buffer Issues

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Big45acp wrote:

This is exactly my point... All these numbers are worthless without exact context. That is why I asked for very specific "requirements". The higher buffer counts of other cameras are meaningless if all other factors are not the same. Sure the D3200 has 18 frames, but a max FPS of 4FPS! If I drop the D7100 down to the D3200 equivelent settings I can hit 20 frames before the buffer slows. The D800, D300s and D600 are all much more expensive, and the D7100 AF blows the D600 away (I've owned both). My point is that ALL the "competitors" have serious sacrifices or compromises. If max buffer is the only consideration, then the D7100 can pump out 100 frames at 7FPS. I can always sacrifice FPS or IQ in favor of matching a "competitors" buffer, but there is nothing a camera can do to "boost" IQ or AF performance or max shutter speed, or ISO, or etc.

Oh, you didn't really have a question...you were just trying to make a point. That would be deceptive advertizing.

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