Why no nex 30mm f/2.0 pancake?? (Like the Samsung)

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Re: Check the sizes....

cptrios wrote:

EinsteinsGhost wrote:

cptrios wrote:

In reality, the Samsung 30/2 is awesome. Not compromised at all. Very little distortion or CA, very sharp corner-to-corner, and decent bokeh... I'd go so far as to call it the best pancake lens on the market.

And I would love Sony to have something similar...it's just not going to happen...

But here is the problem. The 30mm f/2 may be great for a pancake, but is a pancake design better than less compromise optics? The issue will primarily show up in corner sharpness. But you said "very sharp corner-to-corner", which contradicts the measurements here. The corner sharpness is rather poor, in fact reaching "good" at f/5.6 (think about the treatment the much wider Sony 16mm pancake gets for that reason).

The option at Sony is 35mm f/1.8 OSS. This lens doesn't suffer with the issues in the corner that the Samsung does... the measurements here.

Huh. It's not like those are horrible results, but they're definitely quite a bit different from the Photozone tests and my own personal experience. To be fair, both that experience and PZ's tests were on the older 14MP sensor, which likely makes some difference.

But yeah, It'd probably have been a better lens if it weren't crammed into a pancake design. And all told, in any situation bar one that required absolutely minimal size, I'd take a high-IQ normally-sized lens over a mediocre pancake. But at least Samsung users have a pancake option that doesn't suck! The NEX and Fuji X systems can't make that claim yet. M4/3 sort of can.

Also, yeah, those 35/1.8 results are impressive. I wonder why so many people are down on it?

But the Samsung 30/2 pancake does suck where it is expected to, due to optical compromise to squeeze the size down... edge sharpness. And even then, mounted on respective cameras, the difference is purely academic (due to shorter height of NEX-mount).

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