Perfectly Clear by Athentech, RAW workflow enhancement?

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Re: Perfectly Clear by Athentech, RAW workflow enhancement?

A limited version of perfectly clear is built into Corel's aftershot pro. 
It addresses 2 of your issues. The whole thing is $59 (cost) and the plugin is better integrated allowing non destructive edits without generating a new copy.

I believe they do this by making the effect of the plugin a layer and you apply as much or little as you want.
I don't have a lot of time for edits, and while I love a lot about LR I don't love the one touch options and I don't love twidding with 18 sliders to get anything done. Unfortunately LR 5 has not done anything to improve this so it's augment with a plugin or move on.

It's too bad Athentech does not have a slimmed down version of perfectly clear with a simplified one touch enhancement for $50 or so. It would make the one trick poney much more digestable and give them a lot more exposure (sorry horrible pun).  I'm not sure of the logic of $200 or nothing on the LR side when you can buy an entire corel LR wanabee with their technology for $59:

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