D7100 Buffer Issues

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Re: Still no issue

Mako2011 wrote:

Big45acp wrote:

I sincerely appreciate the reply, but I'm really looking to quantify this "issue". You say small for the number of MP involved. I would like to know exactly what the expectation is based upon the specific questions in my OP. I know what the capabilities are, I'm curious as to what others expect from this camera.

Again, not an issue. The only issue is people want a bigger faster buffer. Same issue folks have with a smart phone...they often want more memory and faster bandwidth.  As files go from 5mp to 36mp...there become new barriers to over come. The real issue is price/performance. Some want D4 performance at D3200 prices regards the buffer.

Exactly.  The camera performs exactly as Nikon has specified, so there is no actual issue.  It's just people nitpicking.

If you need a big buffer, set the camera to crop mode in 12-bit compressed, and get a fast card like the Sandisk 95MB/s.  You'll get a 14-15 shot buffer at 7fps that empties almost immediately.  That's 2 seconds or more of burst.  Lowering the FPS by going into CL mode will increase the amount of images the buffer can hold even more.  Good enough for shooting just about anything you can think of.

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