Between Panasonic GX1 and Olympus E-P3

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NZ Scott
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Re: Thoughts on a few Oly bodies.

Guy Parsons wrote:

NZ Scott wrote:

The E-P3 works for me, especially with the optional large grip fitted. I actually prefer the E-P3 over the E-M5 because of its handling.

Have owned/handled E-PL1, E-P3, E-M5, E-PL5.

Got used to the button pressing of E-PL1 and was happy. Received E-P3 as a warranty replacement for an unfixable E-PL1 and while nice to use and handle, I was not smitten by it, left me a bit cold as I could get the same results with the E-PL1 more easily as I was so used to button presses.

In between a friend bought the E-M5 and using his one to help him set it up I realised that it was not for me, the viewfinder is not my thing any more, purely an LCD person now, plus the squishy buttons were uncertain in use.

Just after I received the E-P3 my slow arriving E-PL5 order came through, and that is definitely the best of the bunch for me to use. The review and delete buttons over on the left fall to left hand perfectly, while on the E-P3 I still had to look at the mess of buttons on the right to remember which was what. The better button layout of the E-PL5 makes a lot of sense, it is the best layout of any Pen/OM-D so far thus no need to look at buttons, I know what each one does in the dark.

Plus of course the E-PL5 new features of MySets on the Mode dial, smaller "permanent" focus box, and ability to use the OIS of unswitched lenses definitely work for me and I strong believe that the E-PL5 is the very best of the Pen/OM-D bodies to use.

Sadly the pop-up flash has gone back into the body for the E-P5 and it seems to have caused the same dumb all-on-the-right button layout. Not for me. I used to be a "must have pop-up" person, but the better low light performance of the sensor in the pop-up-less E-PL5 makes the missing pop-up not an issue any more.

So that's what works for me, others will be different.

Regards..... Guy

Others will indeed be different.

1) Vertical scroll wheel is perfectly placed for quick setting changes.

2) Built-in flash is essential for me. I've taken thousands of photos with my built-in flash.

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