Could the OM-D be upgraded to focus peaking via firmware?

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Re: Well, I hope

Art_P wrote:

they can at least do the small focus box... that's more of a fix than a new feature anyway.

But like I said, this is Olympus, I'm not holding my breath

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I know what you mean.  Olympus is different.  or difficult? 

Other makers will make sure they support their main, their important or best selling products well.  The E-M5 is like the Samsung S3, and the E-P5 the Samsung Note 2, a more niche product.  The S3 gets all the goodies, accessories, updates, but the other models not as much.  I am not surprised if Olympus neglects the E-M5.

I am still waiting for some proper support products for what is its new image builder flagship line, like a proper waterproof flash unit, a faster proof kit zoom that fits this top model better, and more weather proof lenses, and black lenses (coming soon) that matches the silver and black models better than some funny silver colours as on many existing lenses.  If Olympus does not support properly its OMD models and only provide updates in the form of a new version, it will lose credibility in this flagship line.  I like the idea of passing on features to other models and not holding back on technology (like Canon and Panasonic), but it should also support its high-end products properly, at least for a couple of years.

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