D7100 Buffer Issues

Started May 2, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Still no issue

Big45acp wrote:

I sincerely appreciate the reply, but I'm really looking to quantify this "issue". You say small for the number of MP involved. I would like to know exactly what the expectation is based upon the specific questions in my OP. I know what the capabilities are, I'm curious as to what others expect from this camera.

Again, not an issue. The only issue is people want a bigger faster buffer. Same issue folks have with a smart phone...they often want more memory and faster bandwidth.  As files go from 5mp to 36mp...there become new barriers to over come. The real issue is price/performance. Some want D4 performance at D3200 prices regards the buffer.

What do you think the issue is? You were not very specific.

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