Nikkor vs Canon L glass... Equal?

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Re: Nikkor vs Canon L glass... Equal?

There's nothing wrong with variable aperture, except perhaps for video?

You have these choices in long lenses, and by that I mean lenses without TC, and at least 400mm.

F5.6 (F6.3 if you look at some Sigmas)



OK, let's say you rule out F5.6 as 'too slow'.

F4 - you have nothing affordable.    Choices include 200-400F4 zoom.  Go price it, and consider the weight.    You also have 500F4 and 600F4.   Even pricier and heavier.

F2.8 - OK, you have one of the best lenses on the planet, the 400F2.8.  Hugely expensive and heavy.

If you add in teleconverters as options, you have 300F2.8 or 300F4, perhaps 200F2.   All will take a 1.4TC and look pretty darn good.  The 1.7 gets a lot of mixed reviews.   The older 2.0TC wasn't good, but the newer one is.   Still, you lose a lot of magic going the teleconverter route.

Basically you have a bunch of stuff between $1000-2000, and only the 300F4 with 1.4TC is priced in that range and not variable aperture.

Then you have the new 80-400, which in reading Ming Thien's review looks almost as good as his older 400F2.8.

And then you have choices over $5000.

I can't imagine that Canon mount lenses are much different.   Lots of stuff under $2000 with variable aperture, and similar IQ?   And some really expensive stuff.

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