Scanning 4x5 negs on a cheap flatbed scanner

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David Strachan
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Scanning 4x5 negs on a cheap flatbed scanner

Scanning 4x5 negs with flatbed Canon 9000f…this scanner does 35mm film and slides and 120 size film…but not 4x5 size film.

Lazily got the scanner out of it’s cover, and placed a 4x5 over the approx rectangular slit of the sensor.  Have the view off thumbnails, so a movable box comes up. The scanner driver used a bounding box to move the scan area over the neg area.

I’d had a few drinks and this experiment had occurred to me. Nothing exact…some more wisky… turned out exact!

Scanned half the neg at 16oo dpi, moved the neg over and scanned again. Joined the two images seamlessly (perfect!) in Photoshop automate, photomerge.  It took a little time, a big file.  I can only tell the join by v detailed perusals.  One tree trunk is veeeery slightly offset. Perfect blend of sky tones.

The neg shown below prints well on A3 size (16x12inches), looks beaut for tonal range and detail.  It’s certainly not as sharp as a contact print from the darkroom.

It all seemed too easy.  All done in a matter of minutes, the blind leading the blind!  The final picture below is basically straight out of PS after the photomerge …and a slight curves adjust,  no other processing…except PS  reduction for posting here.

The neg is from Linhof with Angulon lens, about f8…you can see depth of field in the image.  Film FP4.  I printed a 12x16 print…and it printed v well with minor sharpening on an Epson R3000.

Nice when a new workflow is smooth and intuitive; and actually surprisingly works!

Have a go…

Cheers  Dave S 

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