D600 vs d7100

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Re: Why so defensive?

MikeInIndy wrote:

24-85 vs 17-55, 50 F1.8 vs 35 F1.4.

A variable aperture consumer kit zoom

Variable aperture does not matter the slightest. at wide end it is faster than 17-55 by 1/3 stop at long end it is slower by 1/4 stop.

with significant distortion

D600 can afford distortion correction and still have more resolution left than APS-C with 17-55.

and made of plastic

does metal body make you happier? if so then you may well find 17-55 better value.

is not comparable to a metal constant aperture lens,

IQ is comparable, which is what the debate is all about.

and the 35 f1.4 is full frame just like the 50.

It is , but to achieve the DOf and low light ability of 50 F1.8 on FF you have no other option but to go with 35 F1.4

Nikon doesn't make a directly comparable lens to the 17-55,

Because who would want a F4 zoom with no VR?

but Canon makes one that's pretty close, and it's the same price, the 24-70 IS f4.

The 24-70 F4 is overpriced, it is not very well received. but despite that it is a better lens than 17-55. it has IS and it has by far the best light transmission of all F4 zooms, on the other hand 17-55 loses about 0.3 stops of light (which is still good, but 24-70 is better)

Nikons closest lens is the 24-120 f4 which is a little cheaper but has a lot of distortion and is not built to the same quality standard.

24-120 F4 has significantly more range. But what we can also compare is 16-85 against 24-120 F3.5-F5.6. the 24-120 is one stop faster and is about 1/2 the price.

And that's giving you the benefit of your argument that we must compare a stop faster lenses.

It is the only way to compare.

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