Nikon D800E PP-resolution vs D7100

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Re: Nikon D800E PP-resolution vs D7100

Bjrn Gustafsson wrote:

D7100 is superior, most obvious with rawconverter CO7 PRO

I´m quite convinced that sharpness per pixel difference is mainly due to different low-pass filter solutions:

D800E solution IS NOT equivalent to D7100 solution (NO filter) . 

So Nikon´s marketing mumbo jumbo when D800E was released  is probably  false

  Conclusion: Removal of the low-passfilter on D800E would in fact be a D4x (that´s why Nikon created this modified filter=Commersial reason).     from an other Point of view( Nikon D800E vs Canon 5dMarkII)www.diglloyd.comSee also     Other possible explanations than different AA-filtersolutions?

I am confused by what you mean by  'sharpeners per pixel '

it is also extreamly difficult to compare an fx camera to a dx cameras of differing mp levels, as the lens will distort the result.

What matters is the level of detail that a camera/lens combo can record, after correct pp of a raw file.

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