Could the OM-D be upgraded to focus peaking via firmware?

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Re: Or any of them?

Art_P wrote:

I'd sure love the option of a smaller focus box that doesn't go away.  Assigning mysets to otherwise unused slots on the mode dial- brilliant.  Even assigning one function button to toggle through mysets would make me happy.  Focus peeking?  not a top priority for me

But I'm not holding my breath- Olympus wants to sell new cameras, not update old cameras for free so we don't need to buy new...

Also, while the processor may be the same, the new camera may have additional memory slots needed to hold the additional settings, so just updating the FW might not be enough to give us the goodies we want.

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If additional memory is required to hold more settings and code, and not available, that can be created by data compression/decompression, swapping on demand with other functionality not selected.  It is just a matter of will and what Olympus wants to do.  I believe that, being the top OMD line, the newer and more significant improvements like the small AF box should be provided.  Focus Peaking is not used by most people, and not used all the time even for those who use them, and not really essential.  If Olympus does not provide the essential ones, it loses some credibility of its commitment to this OMD, supposed top model.  As well as the E-M5 is selling, I think we will get the Myset and small AF box, and hopefully also the FP improvements.

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