MFT shipments down

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Re: revenues down the same as units (but about 19%, not 43%)

YouDidntDidYou wrote:

The figures still aren't broken down by type of mirrorless mount or brand so it doesn't prove either way whether Mft sales/shipments are up or down, the drop could actually be down to just 1 or 2 brands sliding eg Pentax q or Nikon 1

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I am curious just where exactly do you think mFT  is dominating the market  ?


First current gen mFT is in 25thspot the  E-M5 is 40 Places behind the D800 that came out at the same time


{top selling chart of all digital cameras types }!493964%2Cn%3A502394%2Cn%3A281052&ie=UTF8&qid=1367528578

no current  mFT in the top 60 cameras


No mFT in the top 100 selling models

PIXMANIA  UK { you used to love them :-)}

{top selling chart of all digital cameras types},aj-s-1659,aj-s-1660,aj-s-20088,aj-s-1661,aj-s-1663,aj-s-20080/amount-low=0,amount-min=0,amount-high=3947,amount-max=3947/sortFilter=topsellers-DESC/display-list/

Wow , here’s a winner we have 1 mFT in the top 100


{top selling chart of all digital cameras types },aj-s-1659,aj-s-1660,aj-s-20088,aj-s-1661,aj-s-1663,aj-s-20080,aj-s-20165/amount-low=0,amount-min=0,amount-high=3716,amount-max=3716/sortFilter=topsellers-DESC/display-list/

good news an mFT tops the charts bad news it’s the heavily discounted G3 { still a good buy } and there is only one other mFT camera in the top 100


{top selling chart of all digital cameras types },aj-s-1659,aj-s-1660,aj-s-20088,aj-s-1661,aj-s-1663,aj-s-20080,aj-s-20165/amount-low=0,amount-min=0,amount-high=8568,amount-max=8568/sortFilter=topsellers-DESC/display-list/

2 mFT models in the top 100 both older G3 and e-pm1

Even Flickr lets you down, there are 4,401,655 images from the D800 compared to the E-M5 at 2,390,479 even though the D800 costs double what the E-M5 does and DSLR’s are dead, not bad for just over the year though . The D7000 however has just over 15,000,000 images a year.

For anyone other than Youdidnt this post is made as a joke , to mention Flickr groups as an indicator of sales is pretty amusing,

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