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Re: E-PL5 in a Pretty Dress?

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MSRP should be $300- $400 more than current prices for the E-PL5 and you still have to pay $200 extra for the viewfinder. IDK... it could be worth the extra cost.

That price point would be north of the E-M5.  Tough sell if they price it that high.

It's the new camera, it may go for more than the E-M5, but I bet it'll MSRP under the OM-D. Initially it may go for more on the street, but it will fall below OM-D prices before long. Then before long after that the new E-M6/E-M7 or whatever it will be called will be out and sell for more.
How Olympus positions this camera and how newness to market/product cycles affects price are different things and shouldn't be confused. Look at E-P3 prices these days!! I was >this< close to getting one before the E-P5 photos leaked!

I'll bet $799 MSRP.  Which, with an EVF, brings it to E-M5 level, and splits the difference between an E-M5 and an E-PL5.  Not everybody will want an EVF, so this makes some sense.  That, and the pricing on the Gen 2 sensor cameras aren't moving at all.  I just went looking for an E-PL5, and they're still sitting firm at $600.

All of the old sensor cameras have plummeted in price since the new crop came out.  For anybody who is willing to put up with the shortcomings of the Gen 1 sensors, the prices on them can't be beat.  Cameta has E-P3 refurbs @ ~$360 or so.

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