How do legacy 300mm+ lenses do on Nex system?

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Re: How do legacy 300mm+ lenses do on Nex system?

Well, I can only tell you how my legacy 200mm MD lenses are doing and that is well. Of course, the two I have - an 80-200mm and a 75-200mm, are a lot heavier than my native 55-210mm E mount, but, in a way, that's sort of a good thing for handheld shooting, as the extra weight helps me stabilize the camera, somewhat.

svgklingon wrote:

I just got my first legacy lens. A Minolta MD Rokkor X 50mm 1.7. I love it. The weather has not been very nice since I got it but as soon as I get out and take some nice pics I'll be sure to post them.

Now that I've got my first legacy lens, I know this is going to be an expensive habit. I'm curious as to how well large tele lenses do on the adapter. 300+ I'm thinking. I am going to Yellowstone next month and think a zoom larger than my SEL 55210 might be nice for distant wildlife.



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