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Re: revenues down the same as units (but about 19%, not 43%)

Eamon Hickey wrote:

TrapperJohn wrote:

So instead of raw figures, perhaps we can see revenue? My guess is, it won't reflect nearly as much of a dip, if any at all, due to the fact that, while fewer units were shipped, they were, on the average, more high end bodies and lenses, because there are a lot more of both now than there were a year ago.

CIPA also provides revenue numbers. Revenues for mirrorless ILC cameras shipped in Q1 2013 were 82% of revenues for the same period in 2012, so about 18% lower.

It turns out that's about the same as the drop in units shipped. I noticed that the units shipped figure Mr. Hogan was using for Q1 2012 wasn't correct -- he has since updated his original article to reflect that.

Using the correct figures, mirrorless ILC units shipped in Q1 2013 were about 81.5% of units shipped for the same period in 2012. So about 19% lower.

Thanks for catching this. Perhaps Thom should write a companion article about the drop in DSLR sales on

Price per unit was essentially unchanged (up less than 1%): 33,056 yen in the first quarter of 2012 and 33,297 in 2013.

For DSLRs, price per unit increased 5%: from 38,182 yen to 40,279.

That's a more modest decline, and slightly less than the decline for DSLRs (although the difference isn't significant, in my view). With the corrected figures, it strengthens my feeling that the cause is probably mostly slack economic conditions in much of the world, rather than anything specific about the mirrorless camera business.

I think you are probably right, although some of it could reflect more people relying on their smartphones.  Smartphone sales have continued to rise during the recession, so buyers may only have sufficient disposable income to upgrade their phones.

Still, I'm surprised at the relatively significant decline in mirrorless ILC sales.

So am I. For the time being, it appears that mirrorless is no longer taking market share away from DSLRs.

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