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Re: Entry level dslr

luke71933 wrote:

    I just got interested in photography, I was looking for a dslr to shoot videos of parkour(sport google it) but now I want to start photography too. Which Dslr would you think is good for me , the D3100 is the cheapest one, i really like it but I don't know if it would be good for me to learn on and don't know if it is able to take professional photos for when I get better. Is it worth it to spend a little more and buy the D5100 or the D3200 or the canon 600D ?

Get a Panasonic G5 m43, it might cost a bit more than the D3100 (but should come down in price as G6 comes out), you will get nearly the same image quality plus very good and easy video thrown in (HD60p 28MBs, you can even do a bit of slow mo with that), The whole package is smaller, less intimidating, and you have the same controls, faster frame rates (6 fps) and at least an equally fast AF. You can upgrade to top notch lenses.

As for every system, the money is in the lenses, you will get better pics with a mediocre body and a very good lens than the other way round, bodies come and go, lenses keep their value a long time.


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