My 7-14 takes filters ... at the rear end

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Re: My 7-14 takes filters ... at the rear end

bobav wrote:

This is extraordinary calibre work. Sincere congratulations and thanks.

Do you know if any real life comparative images (with and without the 2A filter) have been posted? Yesterday's cloudless afternoon spent with my new 7-14 in Winchester Cathedral has left me very familiar with purple mirror images; but at present I can't envisage how much less obtrusive they would appear using your mod.

No, I don't think anything in the way of "real-life" images have been posted yet, only my rather artificial test images. But hopefully I can accomplish something like that later on if someone else does not beat me to it. I would have done it already if the light conditions inside my apartment would be more favorable for reproducing the problem as well as the solution in some more natural scene. But they aren't (or at least haven't been; winters are dark here) until lately. And if I go outside, I face the trouble of putting the filter on and off in the field (or return home to get that done). But, as I said, I'll try to come up with something anyhow.

Also, did you consider the stronger and weaker Wratten options (2E and 2B)? Might 2E be even more effective on the E-M5?

Yes, I did consider both these alternatives and I can't say I know for sure which of the three (2B, 2A, or 2E) is the ideal choice yet. 2A does seem sufficiently effective in removing the purple color of the flare but the slightly stronger 2E might take away the weak traces of it that still remain (at the expense of eliminating more of the light you'd like to preserve). My guess, based on the data at my disposal, is that 2B would be too weak, but if I am wrong about that, it would be the very best choice since it would reduce the (already very small) loss of light even further.

Finally, can you still use both Panasonic and the much shallower Olympus back caps on your modified 7-14? By eye, the clearance of the Olympus version seems quite close on the Unandersed 7-14!

Yes, both caps fit without trouble on my "Andersed" version. Not only that: I tried the even slimmer cap that you get with certain Panasonic lenses (14/2.5 and 100-300) and this works too. So no worries in this department.

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