What makes Pentax special?

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Re: What makes Pentax special?

AllBrands wrote:

What did Pentax ever do to you ? ... suffice to say your staying on ignore.

What is "special" to me about Pentax for potential new buyers is...

  • you'll have no full-frame upgrade path.

But at least you get a pro MF path unlike All (other) brands

  • it's highly unlikely that you'll ever be able to borrow or share lenses with friends.

I don;t even get your point here, my friends don't shoot for a hobby so irrelevant, I have one work colleague who is a photographer he shoots Pentax.

My professional colleagues shoot Nikon and Canon (1ds and d3/4) and we often swap bodies for a bit of light pleasure

  • USA warranty support is from a third-party repair shop in Arizona.


Nikons 22 authorized repair centres looks like 3rd party repir shops to me

Fax: 505-881-6606

Phone: 505-881-6600

DirectionsAlbuquerque, NM 87110
Albuquerque Photo4503 Menaul Blvd. NE

Fax: 818-340-0586

Phone: 818-340-0582

DirectionsWoodland Hills, CA 91367
Authorized Camera Service21250 Califa St., Suite 110

Fax: 847-966-4101

Phone: 847-966-4091

DirectionsMorton Grove, IL 60053
Authorized Photo Service 8125 River Drive, Suite 100

Fax: 480-940-1329

Phone: 480-940-1103

DirectionsChandler, AZ 85226
C.R.I.S.250 North 54th Street

Fax: 916-451-7460

Phone: 916-451-1330

DirectionsSacramento, CA 95816
California Precision1714 28th St.

Fax: 770-432-4258

Phone: 770-432-4257

DirectionsSmyrna, GA 30080-6511
Camera Service Company 4391 West Atlanta Rd SE

Fax: 801-487-1350

Phone: 801-487-1288

DirectionsSalt Lake City, UT 84115
Forster's Camera40 West 2950 South

Fax: 619-286-6093

Phone: 619-286-1810

DirectionsSan Diego, CA 92120
Kurts Camera7811 #P Mission Gorge Rd.

Fax: 303-935-5854

Phone: 303-934-2471

DirectionsEnglewood, CO 80110
Metro Camera330 West Hampden Ave.

Fax: 734-283-7478

Phone: 734-285-2220

DirectionsWyandotte, MI 48192
Midwest318 Oak St.

Fax: 770-795-8030

Phone: 1-888-539-7824

DirectionsMarietta, GA 30067
Peachtree Camera562 Wylie Rd. Suite 4

Fax: 212-673-8451

Phone: 212-673-8400

DirectionsNew York, NY 10003
Photo-Tech110 E. 13th St.

Fax: 860-763-7100

Phone: 800-665-6515

DirectionsEnfield, CT 06082
Precision Camera7 Anngina Drive

Fax: 860-763-7100

Phone: 800-665-6515

DirectionsEI Paso, TX 79936
Precision Camera11500 Rojas Drive Suite J

Phone: 805-497-7240

DirectionsThousand Oaks, CA 91360
Pro Camera710 E. Thousand Oaks Blvd.

Fax: 781-648-2508

Phone: 781-648-2505

DirectionsArlington, MA 02476
Sanford Camera Repair 1056 Massachusetts Ave.

Fax: 704-889-7042

Phone: 704-889-7040

DirectionsPineville, NC 28134
So. Photo NC527 N. Polk Street/PO Box 189

Fax: 561-272-9681

Phone: 561-272-2306

DirectionsDelray Beach, FL 33483
So. Photo (Delray Beach)2275 S. Federal Hwy., #330

Fax: 305-653-7356

Phone: 305-653-7355

DirectionsN. Miami Beach, Florida  33162
So. Photo (Miami)37 NE 167th Street

Fax: 630-595-2526

Phone: 630-595-2525

DirectionsBensenville, IL 60106
United Camera1062 Tower Lane

  • retail prices on old-design, full-frame, non-digital lenses keep going up and up.

not quite upto the $2000 Nikon glass though !

  • DA* lenses use cheap micro-motors instead of ring-type ultrasonic motors.

Do you even understand why Pentax use mico ultrasonic motors and not ring types ?

To answer for you it so they can support three way focsuing .. MF .. Screw and SDM

pity they don;t allow swithcing from screw to SDM but even so at least they show a commitment to legacy lens owners ....How your Canon FD glass fitting your EOS camera ?

  • used DA* lenses are always suspect due to worry of "Suddenly Doesn't Move" syndrome.

Eh again.? any second hand lens is always suspect the canon 17-85 is a pig of a lens

  • you get WR bodies and lenses but no WR external flash units (and the flash models are OLD)

Again your point what features are missing from these 'old' flashes

  • you'll have a slim selection of third-party lenses (Tamron, Sigma, Tokina, Zeiss, etc).

Proof ?

  • your third-party RAW image developer may be slow to support your camera body.

Eh , Pentax use DNG every 3rd party developer supports every Pentax body now and in the future

On the plus side...

  • the FA Limited and DA pancake lenses are nice.
  • Weather-Resistant bodies and lenses can be nice.

I suspect your not a photographer and spend you life googling for things to attack Pentax with, your points are badly made and lacking any foundation in personal knowledge completely deficient in any balance or truth.

I sorry but in my book your a very sad man.

As per usual your trolling ..... pityful

Bashing: Deliberately and repeatedly bashing the same brand, product or company. If you have a complaint or comment to make, make it once and make sure you have facts to support it.

How many times have you posted your 'list' ?

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Guess your modus operandi gets you called out so often you had to put this disclaimer in your signature ?

Thing is if your going to play with matches don't wear  petrol soaked clothes !!

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