Stupid to learn Final Cut Express now?

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Re: I'm concerned that future cameras/codecs will not be supported.

DFPanno wrote:

Valid concern?

The only reason to get involved with FCE now is if everything you need from it is there now and you can hang on to the computer that you'll be running it on, and it won't cost hardly anything to do so.   It definitely won't be getting any new support as it was officially discontinued when FCPX was released two years ago.  There are no updates or new cameras/codecs in its future.

New chipsets and new OS updates always leave some software unable to come aboard, sometimes it's trivial and can be worked around but every once in a while there will be the circumstance that does have the transitional period that's not a sharp cutting off (as with PPC to Intel processors), but eventually the non-supported software becomes the unable to run software.  I don't think cameras or codecs is a concern if it has what you need now, but you may not be able to run it on a new computer sooner rather than later.  This would not be directed at a person with many years worth of projects vested in it and is able to keep eking out value with their current equipment, but you would be painting yourself into a corner getting involved with it now, and the main reason I say this is because while it seems like a borderline worthwhile choice now it's already much less attractive a choice than a year ago and it will be even less so in a year, and a year comes pretty quickly  :  )    During the whole transition phase while FCPX was first released there were some good reasons for not jumping to it.  But now two years later there are less good reasons to begin with FCE, especially given that FCPX is practically the same investment that FCE was.

It might not be a bad idea if you're not committing to the format and won't cost much, if it's to learn basic editing skills that you can take with you.    Other than that every month it's a less good idea  : )

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