New (and better?) Bare Bulb Alternative to Q Flash and Elinchrom Ranger. What do you think?

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Re: Godox advantage + the choice between Q, E and G Re: Bargain basement QFlash X kit

UKphotographers wrote:

plevyadophy wrote:

Well, I am just trying to look at all the features and compare them. I think, hope, you appreciate that I am not a champion for any one system or feature over another (yet ) as I have four systems in my sights (Quantum T, Quantum X, Elinchrom Quadra, and now this new Godox thing). It seems to me that each system has one or two features that floats my boat but that the other systems lack.

If you still haven't made a leap of faith after two years of thinking about it, your needmust be considerably less than your desire so the consequential necessity of it all hanging together for you when it really matters must be a fairly secondary consideration in your overall decision? Like - will it really matter what you buy, or are you just interested in photography for the fun of it? Two years thinking about something doesn't indicate any urgency In my situation - it just matters.

Actually, those threads, in particular my favourite (where you lit up two softboxes one with SB800 and the other with a Quantum flash) where way back FIVE years ago!! in May 2008 (

So yeah, I am a LITTLE slow in making up my mind!!

It's partly to do with the fact that I am a bit of a nerdy boy scout so I like to be prepared; I often plan/mark purchases years before I buy the item. And when I buy I like to be happy so I don't wanna get p!ssed off quickly and have to sell and buy something else. Additionally, whilst I could see the benefits of the features, and it's a damn good job I have waited FIVE years :-), I found the Quantum gear frightfully ugly and clunky (a zillion damn cables to do anything; but that's now been addressed by the Trio) and expensive. Then in the meantime the Elinchrom Quadras have come along and made me ponder. Plus I had a well paying alternative day job back then to occupy my time.

Lastly, if I am honest, buying into the Quantum gear back then would have amounted to serious delusions of grandeur ......... coz I sure as hell weren't a capable enough photographer to benefit or need such lighting. But then I guess, if I had bought them back then they would have been ready and waiting for me when I did become capable.

I doubt VERY much another five years will pass before I buy into something!! because naturally, as for any endeavour, when one gets better and/or more experience one's horizons change and one becomes a little more demanding so.............. tools are needed.

The good thing though is, although I may dither when choosing between products, once I make a decision I stick with it,even if some new toy comes out; on the basis that once my tick list has been met there's no need to hanker after something else, just move on (e.g. it took me AGES to decide between Canon and Nikon, I eventually made a choice and have stuck with it; you won't find me on any thread saying I am dumping my kit for the other system because the other system automatically mounts and frames my images but my current cams don't!  )

It matters so much that I don't use speedlights. I have them, I carry them, but I barely use them. I already have all their benefits in a package which provides.. the same functions as speedlights ..much greater output than speedlights ..and I need only one radio system for everything. (Everything). Thats how it rocks.. Simple when you think about it.

Yeah, I hear ya.

So does that radio, and I am talking of the new one with the focus assist, control the Nikon/Canon flashguns in the same fashion i.e.  power output, ratios etc?

Our circumstances are probably poles apart, but speedlights with more output would pretty much be a universal solution.

I hear ya on that and I guess your take would be that the Quantum gear is just that: a speedlight with more outuput.

Just a few quick Qs (I loathe checking the Quantum website), do the Quantum lights do (1) HSS (2)Stroboscopic? On both the T and X heads?

Back to Godox -v- Quantum. One advantage I see with the Godox kit is that the capacitors are in the head which means you can use pretty much any battery you want (the same battery pack will work with either the 180W or 360W version) whereas with the Quantum you have to jettison the flexibility of the T series batteries and opt for the less flexible Qpac batts. What's your take on this?

Qpaq are more flexible. Always have been.

The straight forward Qpaq is 200Ws.

Add a 200Ws booster - you get 400Ws.

Same head. Same battery. Same pack.

I was very very lucky, and grateful, to have Hardy (of Flaghead) come up to London with ALL the Qpaq stuff and demo it a few years back.

Really, what I need I guess is to see the gear working live. D'ya wanna volunteer to invite me down  to your part of the world (as an assistant) on a shoot so I can see the thing live in action?


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Theres only one sun. Why do I need more than one light to get a natural result?

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