Re: new line of Kodak cameras

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Re: new line of Kodak cameras

Did you read the comments following the article? I'm not sure how knowledgeable these individuals are (I expect they're about as in the dark as we are) and having said that, their comments did not exactly inspire confidence in me. JK Imaging is a marketing firm which did not exist until a few months ago? It bought the rights to use the Kodak name for better marketing and is farming this out to the lowest bidder and Asia Optical appears to be that company? Seriously? How much of this is real? I guess you could call me skeptical based upon these comments. I don't see the comparison they made between Panasonic and Sony using the Leica and Zeiss names since both companies are reputable and their product is well-known throughout the world. But Asia Optical and JK Imaging are another ball of wax altogether and neither is "Kodak".

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