Why the difference in mirrorless's popularity in the West and the East

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Re: Why the difference in mirrorless's popularity in the West and the East

I note your comments but in reply, I teach photography for a living, all aspects, i can promise there is no bias, we use DSLRs and compacts too. I think it is simply that my students feel that when their real needs, size and flexibility are taken into account they find mirrorless more compelling. Travellers and ladies love the compact size, many enthisiasts like the option of using old lenses via adapters and so on.

Like i said most are not shooting sport or doing high end landscape work, i would advise them to go down a different route if they are.

At no point did i say we are talking just m43 here, mirrorless is both APSC and M43. If we are talking APSC then there are no differences in image quality, DOF etc.

I can honestly say in 12 years of teaching digital imaging, with over 15,000 students no one has ever said they wanted to buy a camera with the best battery life. I do get requests for higher image quality, better colour, more reliable focus, easier to use and most importantly better screens. (LCDs, EVFs and Optical)

Likewise no one ever asks what camera to buy so they can get the best lenses for it. For those who feel this is important they have made their own mind up well before I see them.

Like i said, and I can only go on the experience from teaching lots and lots of people, most simply don't understand the benifits/deficits of the mirrorless vrs DSLR situation. They buy DSLR because they think that is the thing to do, which goes to show that perhaps the mirrorless makers need to do some serious marketing and buyer education. I can absolutely state it is nothing to do with any percieved inferiority of mirrorless cameras by my students.... They don't know what they don't know so to speak.

Interestingly when someone does turn up with mirrorless gear, almost always they are people who have done research and made a deliberate decision and that holds true for both M43 and APSC variants. In almost all cases they can tell you exactly why they bought mirrorless!

I'm not promoting or arguing one way or the other, just commenting from experience, my job for my students is to reveal the options so they can buy what they need and use it properly.
Trying to make the complex simple

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