Anyone using this RX1 grip? Really Right Stuff

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Re: Anyone using this RX1 grip? Really Right Stuff

tesilab wrote:

First time I've seen it on the RX1. It looks better than I thought it would.

I have two questions:

#1 I'd like to get an idea of where the fingers go? How do you reach the shutter while holding that grip? Which finger is supposed to fit in that groove?

Hi tesilab,

If you check my first reply to HG (who we lost?) there is a link to the RRS site where you can have a look at several images of the camera and the grip.

The little finger and the ring finger under the groove, the middle finger (which I wrongly called "long finger" which is what we call it in Swedish, not in English) in the groove and the index finger conveniently resting on the shutter button. The thumb rests at the thumb grip of course, controlling the exposure compensation wheel and the buttons if needed.

#2 What is that on your lens?

I use an empty 49mm filter ring plus a 49 -> 37mm step down ring together as a lens hood. It gives some protection to the front element and works a bit so-so as a hood. One day I'll check if I can have a second empty 49mm filter ring in there for improved function. I like to have a short and effective hood if possible.

The arrangement allows me to get the camera quickly in and out of the bag where the camera stands on the L-part of the grip with the lens pointing out from my body carrying it around in satchel type bag.

I hope that helps,


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