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Re: Testing metering with non native lens.

Guy Parsons wrote:

Just now tried a metering test, E-PL5 on tripod and framed up a dim wall with a bright light up in the top right corner.

Panasonic 45-150mm at 50mm, I see the metering change when I switch from matrix to centre weighted and back again.

Attached today's toy of 50mm Lensbaby Spark and as I did remember, I see no change when switching from matrix to centre weighted and back again.

Conclusion is that matrix metering is not working for non native lenses.

I do seem to remember reading somewhere that smarts are consulted in the lens to make matrix metering work, so no way that a contactless lens can do the job. No idea now of the details.

Regards..... Guy

As I reported in a prior post, I found a systematic difference in metering values when I tried to switch back and forth between ESP and center weighted with my Samyang 7.5/3.5 yesterday. I repeated the test today with a Minolta MD 85/2. Same result. ESP does not give the same result as center weighted. So my conclusion remains the opposite of yours.

Of course, there is a possibility that the E-PL5 works differently in this regard than the E-M5. But that seems pretty far-fetched to me. So I'd simply encourage you to try again (while varying the circumstances a bit) and see if you can find a difference.

I find no authoritative information from Olympus on how ESP actually works except this

and that hardly helps to settle the score. Can you come up with anything else?

It is of course conceivable that the body makes use of lens data in ESP mode when such data are available. On the other hand, I deem it unlikely that the camera wouldn't "gray out" the ESP option (make it inaccessible) in cases where it is no longer operative. After all, that's what we would normally expect for an inoperative feature, isn't it? And since ESP is hardly a new thing, and since ESP is accessible with legacy lenses even on older Oly bodies (see Tedolf's posts), the way it works can hardly be due to some new firmware bug.

P.S. The test I conducted today was on a window with foliage from a plant hanging down in the middle. I put the dark foliage in the center of the frame and switched back and forth between ESP and center weighted metering. As expected, the camera suggested more exposure with center-weighted metering (where the dark foliage weighed more heavily) than with ESP.

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