Are m4/3 cameras too expensive when you…

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Re: Are m4/3 cameras too expensive when you…

tron555 wrote:

… Consider how many expensive lenses are absolutely needed, just to cover your basic needs?

Expensive compared to what? Budget Rebel-class DSLRs and their lenses? Let's see...

I have been considering the purchase of an Olympus E-PL5,

To cover the basic needs, you only need:

1) Kit 14-42 II R, together with E-PL5 for about $500.

2) 40-150 R, $99 (in a kit with the camera and 14-42)

3) For wide (which is, of course, a basic need), you can of course pay for 9-18 or 7-14 (which are priced similarly to APS-C DLSR lenses with similar effective FLs) or even 12/2.0 (which has no analogous primes for APS-C DSLRs). Or just buy ~$70-100 WCON-P01 wide converter for the 14-42 and get as wide as 11mm.

4) If you need macro (which is not so basic, but whatever), you can buy $500 Oly 60mm/2.8 (again, similar to 90mm APS-C macro lenses), or pay ~$50 for Oly MCON-P01 macro converter good for both 14-42 and 40-150, and/or set of extension tubes.

$700-$750 together.

The rest of "needs" are not basic at all and not even really truly "needs", just "wants". As in "want lower ISO with that shutter speed", or "want not to step back and use tele for that blur which I stupid enough to think will make my photo 'artistic'".

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