LX7 awful edge resolution due to distortion correction

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Re: Distortion is the best compromise

Sean Nelson wrote:

technic wrote:

It's not just the 'stretching' from distortion correction...

You know that "stretching" in the corners is normal to get a rectilinear image at very wide angles, right?   It doesn't matter whether this is done in software or by the optical design - you can't have straight lines appearing straight and also have a very wide field of view without corner stretching.   Without that stretching you get lesser or greater degrees of barrel distortion which, if you go to the extreme, gives you a fisheye lens.

Wrong, it makes a HUGE difference if the stretching is done by optics or by software; at least as long as we have relatively low resolution sensors.

I'm not worried about distortion related to optical projection, or (not) having straight lines. I'm worried about the loss of sharpness in the corners, and especially the very asymmetric loss which often looks ugly/unnatural to me (pixels become elongated ellipses towards the corners).

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