Some shots with one of the new (cheap!) AF macro extension sets

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Re: Some shots with one of the new (cheap!) AF macro extension sets

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Thanks for the report. I am considering these as well so I am happy to hear they might be a good deal, at least if you don't really need heavy-duty stuff in this area and I don't think I do.

A couple of questions:

What makes you think the mount parts are aluminum? Simply the low weight or?

The weight specification I found on ebay for the Fotga rings is 50 g. I guess that's for both rings combined, which would make the Fotga set significantly lighter than the Kenko set (120 g combined). But does the 50 g figure I found match the actual weight as you can (hopefully) measure it?

I am a bit surprised when you say the rings work particularly well with the 100-300. The standard rule is to use extension tubes for shorter FLs and close-up lenses for longer ones since these combinations are the most efficient. You need a very strong close-up lens to increase max magnification significantly for shorter FLs. Conversely, you need a lot of tubing to increase magnification significantly with a longer tele. The max magnification of the 100-300 without any add-ons is 0.21 at 300 mm. With both tubes mounted, max magnification increases to 0.33, so not a whole lot more. With the Canon 500D +2 diopter close-up lens I bought for use primarily with the 100-300, max magnification is 0.73.

They are indeed 52 grams for both pieces together.  The metal is a matte finish, and looks like machined aluminum in color and weight.

No, you don't get much extra magnification on the 100-300, but you do get some....and they work well on that lens.  I was having some fun with them today on it.  I'll play more when I get the chance using the 14-140mm in the 60-80mm range and see how well it does with that, too.  They do also seem to be a good combo with the 45mm, (at least once I get used to how close I have to be to use them effectively at that fl).

I think if I was going to be doing anything other than occasional macro work with these I would probably spring for the Kenkos.  But these are just for experimenting with, and I think for that and light, careful use, they are ok.  Time will tell   I'll update after a day out with them in a week or so when I visit TulipFest and give them a workout.

Thanks! Yes the 100-300 works very well for close-up work in general. I like to have a bit of working distance so as to get proper light on the subject and not scare it away if it's a bug of some kind. Furthermore, it blurs the background very efficiently since the narrow FoV implies strong background magnfication.

I'll probably order these rings too. Even if they should break after a while, they don't break the bank and I like the low weight.

P.S. Forgot to mention that another lens on which the rings should work very well is the 75/1.8. The magnification without add-ons is 0.1 in this case. With the rings, you get nearly 1:2 (0.47).

Very helpful stuff.

I carry my (perfectly adequate for me!) 14-140 on my GH2 whenever I am "walking about".  I had considered extension tubes some time ago, but didn't know until now that they existed for MFT.   I often get scenes with butterflies (flutterbies), insects etc when I have that lens on.  The rings would be small enough to carry in a shirt pocket and other than doing a quick lens off/on would be very handy. So shooting fully extended with both rings would get me closer, get me better magnification, and tighter DOF.

Is there a calculator around that I can use to quantify what would happen with these tubes on my 14-140?   Many thanks.

Yes, there is. Have a look here:

Be aware that the calculator doesn't update the results until you move to another entry field than the one you changed. So you should always end by moving the cursor to a new field rather than by pressing the enter key.


PS   Anders, thanks to your great advice (and to DM's too) I think that I finally understand RawDigger and applied it to another (better, I think) image here:

Yes I saw your posts in the other thread. Just didn't have the time to respond yet. Glad you found the info helpful.

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