E-P5 images leaked

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Re: E-P5 Facts

inlawbiker wrote:

- It's the best looking Micro 4/3 camera to date.

- Whatever you think it will cost, it will cost more than that.

- No EVF is not a big deal.  But, now that the LF1 has included a token EVF others will follow suit.  Pretty soon it'll be little tiny EVF's for everybody.

Yes the small size of the LF1 with EVF shows what can be done and I expect Pany will follow up with a similar model for GX2?  At first I thought the LF1 must be using a smaller LCD screen ie 16:9 screen that the NEXs and Pens use but but when scaling a photo of same and comparing with camera specs appears the LCD is full 3" size for 3:2.  The EVF is only 0.2" size but Pany could easily use a higher resolution model with 1.44 mp like that from the FZ200 in other models.  The LF1 is only 2.44 inches tall so could include a slightly larger EVF size and still be no higher than the GF7 at 2.7 inches.  This would be a long awaited game changer for Pany?

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