D600 oil design problem - latest serial # - is it fixed ?

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Re: D600 oil design problem - latest serial # - is it fixed ?

I agree. When I first brought this issue up it was the same thing. He kept posting that he has no issue and made it seem like just send it in and all will be fine. When asked how much he has shot he said a very low number. I was explaining that this issue may not show up till later in the life of the camera (in my case 2,000+ shots in) to which I dont think he had much of a response. I think he has placed me on his ignore list which is fine with me. Nikon was in total denial at first and I feel under pressure released a statement and that statement did not say much that we did not already know. It is the same as it was day one. Buy a d600 and hope you dont have the issue as bad as some people do. Most users will not notice it unless they know what to look for...but some know what to look for but like to live in denial. I am not saying every d600 will have the issue. That is foolish but enough do that it can be a problem for SOME. Steve also said his d7000 never had backfocus or dust/lubricant so I guess he has been lucky. I dont have that kind of luck but do have cleaning supplies from copper hill images

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