Anyone using this RX1 grip? Really Right Stuff

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Re: Anyone using this RX1 grip? Really Right Stuff

racefan49 wrote:

Jonas B wrote:

RRS should have a look at the Milich grip and learn how to make the metal possible to hold without slipping. I had to attache some anti slip tape on the grip handle and now it works as expected (which means very very well and the grip won't come off the camera).

Curious about where you placed the tape...  On the "inside" of the grip where your fingertips rest, or on the "front face" rounded part of the grip.  I'm happy with the feel of mine, but like to see ideas from others for improvement.  Photo?

Hi Ron,

No problem, I took three quick images showing the camera as it is today.

I placed the tape at the inside, the outside and at the front:

The whole contraption from the front:

I know this tape, or tape at all, not is to everyone's taste. I'm not looking for stylish but for function. I have found the grip mainly rests at the fingertips placed at the inside, at the long finger placed at grip part of grip and at the inside of the palm (the outside of the grip). So I taped it where needed.

Compared to the less costly grip tesilab uses I prefer the RRS one mainly for the L part and the integrated Arca-Swiss plates. Like the Milich constructions this RRS grip bottom is plane and the camera rests comfortably on it, that's  a minor but still a plus. Finally the grip is as high as the camera so reaching for the shutter button comes naturally and comfortably.



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