Nikkor vs Canon L glass... Equal?

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Re: Nikkor vs Canon L glass... Equal?

ammac12 wrote:

So, I'm thinking of re-doing my camera set up and a d7100 is top on my list.  I've been trolling some threads here and hear similar gripes as Canon folks.  Pretty funny.  Anyway, I'm wondering if the Nikkor lenses are on par with Canon's L series?  I have the 24-105 and 70-200 f4, both L series.  I also have a Tamron 17-50 f2.8.  What are your opinions in the quality comparisons to Nikkor equilavent?  Additionally, I am considering dropping my 70-200 and going with either a 70-300 or 100-400.  I want reach!  What Nikkor would you recommend in comparison?  Thanks



I too switched (sort of, there are just some things that Canon does better) and really enjoy my Nikon gear.

Nikon has not been as successful in creating a mystique around its pro-level gear as Canon has. Nonetheless, Nikon's equivalent to L glass are gold rimmed for the most part and are truly excellent optics.  So, to your 24-105, there is a 24-120, for your 70-200 f4, there is the new 70-200 f4, and Nikon also has a 17-55 pro-level crop-sensor lens.

If you want pro-level glass with reach, you should consider either the new and excellent but obscenely expensive 80-400mm G lens, or the 80-400mm D lens it replaced.

The G lenses tend to be more recent designs.  On the pro level, they also tend to be very expensive and generally more expensive than their Canon L equivalents.  However, the new 24-70 L lens is much more expensive than its Nikon counterpart as is the 85mm 1.2 L, which is significantly moreexpensive than the Nikon 85mm 1.4.  I own both 85mm prime lenses.  I picked up the L used and the 1.4 during a recent Nikon rebate.  Nonetheless, the new Nikon was still less expensive than what I paid for the used Canon version, and the Nikon 85mm is every bit as good IQ wise (I can't distinguish differences in bokeh wide open) with the advantages of faster focusing in a smaller package.

Good luck!

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