Nikkor vs Canon L glass... Equal?

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Re: Nikkor vs Canon L glass... Equal?

The impression that I get is that the gold ring on a Nikkor lens denotes the "latest and greatest" optical technologies - so it used to mean ED glass, and it now means the Nano-coating (which really, really works to reduce flare). There are a few quibbles as to which lens deserves the gold ring (e.g. the 60/2.8 macro has Nano and ED and a nice broad focus ring, but no gold ring), but in that sense it is a more substantive designator than L glass!

The 24-120/4 (gold ring) is probably the equivalent of the 24-105, though it occasionally gets comments about the corners at 24mm. The 70-200/4 (gold ring) is easily as good as the Canon L IS version, and probably better, as one would expect from a more modern design.

The 70-300 is OK but not spectacular at 300mm, but the new (AF-S) 80-400 beats a 300/4 prime + TC combo! Looking at the MTF curves, it should be a lot better than the (admittedly aging) 100-400.

Obviously the Tamron is the same for both!

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