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Re: Macro Focus Stacking

Jeff Loughlin wrote:

Dang it.  I've been resisting the urge to start experimenting with focus stacking, but now you've gone and made it irresistible.  Now I have to go spend money on a set of focus rails and some software...


So far I have worked without rails. I've been using Nikon Camera Control Pro and Helicon Remote.

Helicon Remote (shareware) seems better for focus control than Nikon Camera Control. It lets you set the starting and ending focus points and the increment, and then it shoots the whole stack in one process. It apparently will also control a "Stack Shot" motorized focus rail system.

I think I'm going to end up buying Zerene Stacker focus stacking software and Helicon Remote camera control.

My birthday is coming up and I've asked for a set of focus rails to try experimenting with that.

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