GH3 - Who says that m43 is not good for sports !!!

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Re: I do.

paul cool wrote:

From the ground you should be able to identify exactly where in the photo the focal plane is. It's approximately the front edge of the sideways brick in front of the pebble, or, about the tip of the dogs nose. You are, I presume, comparing shadowed areas with shadowed areas?

So did you use the pebble as a marker,its good idea to obtain focus first .?seems a shame to only have the dogs nose in focus ,we're both images shot using the canon 60 d ,I have had great difficulty obtaining in focus shots of my dogs running with my gh3 .

Nope. Mine was shot using C-AF on the OM-D. No prefocussing.

I'm afraid I don't have a dog to test focusing methods upon. I found this one while I was out and about and spent a few minutes playing "chase the man with the camera" with it.

Of course, we've no idea of the success rate of Ultimutsu and his 60D either. While he has a few portrait pics of his little white dog, he's only posted the single shot of it running.

I'd recommend a fast focussing lens, C-AF, slow burst, and take small bursts or single shots. The biggest problem I had was trying to get down low, and get the camera to my eye before the dog started running towards me. It may be worth getting someone else to play with the dog while you photograph.'s gear's gear list
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