D600 oil design problem - latest serial # - is it fixed ?

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Re: D600 oil design problem - latest serial # - is it fixed ?

Some people want to defend the choices they make or to share the wisdom that they have learned over the years. The simple fact and it is a fact to me  since it is documented by dpreview, lens rentals, and the two samples that sit in my camera bag, is that this issue exists and maybe people can say "i dont have it" all day long, but in the end a clear number of these units have this issue. The quantity or frequency of the occurrence is irrelevant to people that have it. Now the other fact to me is that I could not find another camera that can match my specific needs like the d600 so I opted to buy a second one. If anything that is a testament to the image quality of the d600. I have been an avid nikon slammer when it comes to this issue but the simple fact remains that this camera with this fault can still keep some of us around on the nikon side. I am annoyed at the issue but willing to deal with the necessary repeat cleanings. I really did not want to argue with the non issue having people but rather to let people know of my own experience with my second body I just bought.

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