E-P5 images leaked

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The tilt LCD is nice, even though with the 4:3 format, composing on the LCD is not great because of the black bars.

The E-Px series don't have black bars they show you a FF 4:3 picture. It's the E-Plx which have a smaller display and show the bars.

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i read somewhere that the e-p5 LCD will be 3:2 format. Probably a typo? Wouldn't make sense, I suspect.

Actually, the E-P3's LCD is 3:2--according the dpreview's review.  But any black bars left on the 3:2 display probably won't be too bad--certainly not as bad as in the 16:9 E-PMx/E-PL3/5 displays.

Geezzz I just checked my E-P3 and you are right, but the OLED is so big and so good that one doesn't notice it. Plus those two bands are very narrow and disappear when you zoom in. The E-Pl3/5 owners are much less happy.

BTW, the E-P5 is rumored to have a more ordinary LCD, not the OLED display (?); that would be a pitty, because it was a clear advantage of the E-P3 and E-M5. May be that they think that the E-VF is so good that the LCD has lost its importance ?

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