Re: new line of Kodak cameras

Started Apr 28, 2013 | Discussions thread
Max Demian New Member • Posts: 11
Re: new line of Kodak cameras

You may be interested in these upcoming Kodak cameras that bear NO resemblance to HP cameras and seem to be the dream Kodaks that folks here have been waiting for.  Take a look at these! (hot shoes!!!!)

Please let these cameras arrive and live up to our expectations...

I feel that the AZ series was created to get things going.  Kind of wish they would have started with the cameras above because they look spectacular (on paper).  The AZ series better be good - or the whole thing could stall.  I looked at the downloadable user manual and it seems very similar to the Z990 I own and love - with the exception of using a lithium ion battery.  That's a good thing.  HDR is present.  We'll have to wait for results from a broader range of shooters to make up our minds on exposure, color, sharpness, saturation, as well as response speed.  Frankly, if it's identical to the Z990 (IQ) but with lithium ion and faster response (focus to shot, etc.) - it's already pretty darned good.

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