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Re: What's it over the EOM-D

Hen3ry wrote:

DjarumBlack wrote:

If Olympus put an EVF in their PEN line, they'd be shunning customers like me who don't need or want the EVF. What would make more sense is a new rangefinder line with a built in EVF.

Well no they would not. They also have he E-PL5 and E-PM2. And in any case, what bars you from ignoring an EVF if you don’t want to use it?

The joke is that this designation "rangefinder" is nonsense. This is not a rangefinder camera, never was, never will be. In fact, the top of the PEN line back in the day after which the body shape of the E-Px line is modeled, was the PEN F, an SLR with the viewfinder in the top left-hand corner.

It was a half frame camera with a horizontal mirror movement and mirrors rather than a pentaprism to bring the image to the viewfinder. Hence its shape.

Hence an E-P5 with EVF in the upper left hand corner would actually be a genuine successor to the PEN F.

I believe there never was a PEN rangefinder -- I can’t remember one. The little PENs I remember had OVFs but no rangefinder. They were scale or zone focused and relied on DoF to overcome focusing errors.

Cheers, geoff

A. Because I'm paying for something I don't need. I'm also buying into whatever tradeoffs there are to put in that EVF.

B. I could ask why you can't buy an OMD. The E-PL5 does not provide the same controls the E-PX line does. I could ask the same question. Why can't YOU buy an E-M5 with the EVF? If the location of the EVF is that big a deal, don't buy. Just like I wouldn't buy an E-P5 with an internal EVF if I'm not wanting to deal with those compromises to put in that EVF.

As it always is with this mess, someone or some group is declaring their wishes over someone elses. None of the camera companies can win 100 percent of the time for 100 percent of the people.

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