D600 vs d7100

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Re: D600 vs d7100

Here are a few thoughts that may help.

Both the D600 and D7100 are great choices.  Nikon menus and controls are pretty similar across the range.  Consequently, you won't find a higher end camera more difficult to use, but may be paying for features and capability you won't appreciate.

The kit you will want to get good pictures of your 1 year old should include 1) a good lens, 2) a flash and light modifier, and 3) a camera body.   I would prioritize in that order.

1) A lens is an investment that will outlast whichever camera body you choose.  Get the best one you can afford.  A "fast" F2.8 zoom will focus much better than a kit lens (think fast moving kid).  It will also give you nicer picture quality and bokeh, particularly if you go full frame.  If you are thinking of getting into photography seriously, consider a FF lens even if you choose the DX body.

2) Get a good "bounce capable" flash and modifier.  SB700 is a great choice for Nikon.

3) If you have the above, either camera body is capable of giving you really great pictures.  And whichever you choose, your lens and flash will still work when you decide to upgrade the camera body.

Good luck, and look forward to you posting some pictures.

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