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Re: for some people build in VF is not good

Ulric wrote:

lester11 wrote:

TheEye wrote:

The left eye is wired to the right side of the brain, which is the creative side of the brain. It makes sense that many visually creative people prefer to compose with the left eye.

My better half is as right-handed as me, but automatically puts the camera to her left eye. She is "creative", I'm the geek...  So she also can't get on with the E-M5 grip, just a catastrophe for her in portrait mode.

I am left handed but use my right eye. I don't believe for a second that it has anything to do with creativity.

I generally agree. My sister has a lazy left eye so she became right eye dominant at a young age, but she writes left handed. Switching eye dominance can be done by wearing a patch for extended periods of time over the eye that we don't want to be dominant. We might be wired at birth to have a certain eye dominance, but usually other factors come into play as we get older.

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