Wi-Fi in a plane

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Re: Wi-Fi in a plane

dmartin92 wrote:

There's an article in The New York Times today about Wi-Fi service in planes. The sentence that got me thinking:

"Acknowledging the technical hurdles involved in delivering Internet service to a plane traveling 500 miles an hour, Ms. Kirby said airlines and their connectivity partners needed to better manage passenger expectations".

I'm sure Wi-Fi signals must travel very, very fast. But even so, if the plane is doing 500 mph, and the range of the Wi-Fi is say 35 meters, I can see why there would be issues.

Even in a hundredth of the second, how far does a plane going 500 mph move ?

You definitely would not want to put the Wi-Fi hotspot at the back of the plane.

I kind of like things the way they are. Little Wi-Fi connectivity on the plane. I don't want it for myself, and, quite frankly, I can imagine some situations where I wouldn't want the person sitting next to me to have it either.

These sort of technical problems represent a real long-term hope ... that things will never change very much on the plane.

I'm surprised that it's only now that this sort of stuff is coming to the surface, where as the possibility, one day in the future, of connectivity on the plane is something that people have been talking about a bit for the last 5 or 10 years.

LOL, what are you talking about? The plane noes not travel anywhere near the speed of light. What is challenging it to maintain a reliable data connection to the ground, where the rest of the internet is.

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