How do legacy 300mm+ lenses do on Nex system?

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Re: Exactly what 300mm lens Peter ??

svgklingon wrote:

Well something like this for example...

Tokina 60-300

It's cheap so I know the glass can only be so good but I was just curious if folks have had positive experiences with long lenses.

Thanks, I see what you are after. A little short for me, I prefer 500mm. I do use a Canon FD 100-300 F/5.6L now and again which is sharp with no CA, but they do cost a little more. Its a bit like any lens really, you basically get what you pay for and that includes legacy lenses within reason.

So plenty of NEX users do have and use legacy lenses. I use a Canon FD 500 F/4.5L about 90% of the time, 10% would be with the 300 or 800mm.

All the best.


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