Now I see why some of you want a D400!

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Re: Nice thread-kill there...

SubPrime wrote:

wedding photographers,

A group better served by a D800.

You are wrong of course - the D800 does not cater to weddings.

Why not?  Seems a perfect fit. 20 years ago weddings were done with medium format cameras at a time where 35MM was already pretty much good enough, so a little bulk isn't a barrier. And the slowness of D800 is no barrier either. You don't really need 8 FPS at a wedding.

What's missing in D800 as a wedding camera?


That's a classic "thread kill", everyone here now knows that anything they say is liable to be met with irrationality and personal attacks.

Actually.  The thread was pretty much exhausted and the overwhelming consensus is that you are wrong.  No one agrees with your position.

Your're counting only replies. Note the little green "like" numbers on the right. Joseph has more of them than the other participants. It's easier for many of us to say "+1" to Joseph than to write our own reply.

And we are still all waiting for you to come up with the sakes figures to prove the D700 was a failure.

Sales figures would be interesting, but the obvious "tell" is that Nikon didn't make a D700s. If D700 sold well, they would create a successor. Apple didn't discontinue the Cube because it sold well.

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