D800 Virtual Horizon Question

Started May 1, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Re: D800 Virtual Horizon Question

winnie wrote:

Whilst shooting with the D800 tonight i had a hotshoe spirit level on the camera but also used the virtual horizon in liveview. Is there any reason why they didn't both find the same horizon? Level using the hotshoe and the other one was off and vice versa.


Which one was more accurate? I know my Samsung GT-I9300 phone has extremely accurate sensors, much better than my traditional spirit levels I have at home, so how is the D800? I have never compared mine with any spirit levels, but would be interesting to know. Anyway, I actually think the camera is the better one because I am not sure that the hot shoe is accurately aligned with the sensor in every direction, and also the precision of those small plastic hot shoe spirit levels are just cheap gadgets which are not made with very high precision.

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