New work laptop: Macbook Pro or Win7?...

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Re: New work laptop: Macbook Pro or Win7?...

If Windows 7 treats the Retina display's resolution as implying a huge desktop, the physical sizes of the user interface elements are going to be very small.  I know Windows 7 has some scaling controls (and as a last resort, I guess one could lower the video card resolution to a non-native setting).  So how well, in practice, do they work out?

It's fine and seeing as I assume you'll be using the 24" screens they'll work out fine.

I use my rMBP with a U2410 and a U2713, both attached via no-name cheap-as-chips displayport cables. Works perfectly.

If you can, stay in OSX as much as you can. Seriously, some people say MS is better at file management than OSX but it's not - it's just different.

Like so many, I'm someone who used to be into Macs a while ago, but lived and worked heavily in the windows world (Desktops, development tools, servers etc - everything). I transitioned back to Mac nearly full time in 2009 and now only keep my uber windows beast around so the kids can game on it (it has a better GPU than my macbook).

So my rMBP is my desktop and my laptop. It's fast fast fast as a desktop and wonderful as a laptop. It has bootcamp running with Win7 if I need it (Which I don't).


If you don't care which OS you run, will be desk bound and you want the best bang for your buck then get a windows machine... don't pay the premium for a slim and light laptop with a retina display.

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